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Problem: How to survive when faced with the daily realities of a post-fossil fuel world. How do we eat, work, thrive when we can no longer drive a few blocks to a supermarket to buy anything and everything we think we need?

Solution: Begin the transition now to re-educate ourselves and act collectively to reduce our reliance of fossil fuels, strengthen our local communities and create lifestyles that will survive the inevitable changes due to resource depletion.

Transition US, part of the Transition Network in the UK, began in 2005 as a community response to unprecedented changes that humans across the globe will be facing. Transition US acts as the hub for a national network of citizen groups who are preparing their communities for those changes. Their approach is based on 4 key assumptions: dramatically lower energy consumption is inevitable so let’s prepare for it; currently we lack resilience (the ability to bounce back after serious disruption); we must act NOW, collectively to prepare; it is possible to design new ways of living to survive the changes by utilizing our collective genius.

While the Transition Towns movement spurred hundreds of households in dozens of cities to take individual actions to save water, reduce emissions, and turn to renewable energy sources, the Transition Streets movement takes that effort to the streets, literally. Key to the effort is a seven-session handbook that can be downloaded for use by groups of neighbors to help them reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, conserve water, and explore ways to eat and live healthier lives.

Organization: Transition US/Transition Streets


Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States. Transition US works in close partnership with the Transition Network, a UK based organization that supports the international Transition Movement as a whole. Website:

To check out the Transition Streets website and download the 7-part handbook, visit the website at

Please check out the one minute animated Transition Streets video:

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