Problem: If we do nothing, what’s at stake? In the face of unprecedented challenges such as food scarcity, water insecurity, climate change, biodiversity loss, fossil fuel depletion, and growing human population, doing nothing will lead to systemic shocks – environmental shocks, financial shocks, and energy shocks – from which we cannot recover.

Solution: The time to respond is now. One vital way to do so is by building community resilience.

Community Resilience is the ability of a community to maintain and evolve its identity in the face of both short-term and long-term changes while cultivating environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

What would a resilient society look like? For one, it would reduce exposure to environmental shocks by learning to live within resource limits. It would adopt different priorities—survival and long-term quality of life over short-term profit, and shift from aiming for perpetual economic growth to flourishing within Earth’s Putting community resilience first means working with our neighbors, supporting local farmers and tradespeople, and prioritizing local economic development over globalized trade. It means building food and water security within our own communities. It means moving away from centralized and non-renewable sources of energy and empowering local communities to produce and use their own ecologically-appropriate energy sources.

Resilience is already being built in communities across the globe, but we need all hands on deck. One place to start is by visiting provides individuals, communities, businesses, and governments with the resources needed to understand and respond to the interrelated economic, energy, environmental, and equity crises that define the 21st century.

The site provides information on the issues, examples of action, exchanges of ideas, and useful resources. We want you to get involved! First, visit to discuss ideas and projects, and pick up and share tips on how to build the resilience of your community, your household, or yourself. Second, subscribe to one or more of our regular bulletins with the latest articles from delivered directly to your inbox.

Please join us: the movement to support building community resilience is growing, and your help is needed.

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