Turn21 is a group of committed and concerned citizens of the planet dedicated to preserving the only world we have, here in the 21st Century.  Our goal is to educate, inform, and exponentially grow in number those individuals who share this vision in order that we may take action to save the planet faster.

We must stop acting like children, and start preserving and restoring a sustainable quality of life for future generations.  As our name implies, it is time for us to grow up into adulthood.

Every month on the 21st, Turn21 will send out a newsletter informing our members about national and global issues that impact our efforts. Within the newsletter there will also be actions that you as a concerned citizen of the planet can take. Additionally, please check back often, like us on Facebook, and don’t forget to spread the word about Turn21.

Join the cause!  It costs nothing but your time and discipline, though we have everything to lose if we don’t act fast.

It’s time to Turn21! 

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