Step 1
Let’s Set You Up For Success

  1. Mark your calendar for the 21st of the month and give yourself plenty of time to prepare.
  2. Determine what type of event; action or party you want to throw, i.e. house party, rally, coffee party, kayaktivist blockade of oil tankard, outdoor party, garden planting party, bar party, etc.
  3. Post your event information/time on your social media sites and inform Turn21 that you are ready to “Turn21” by posting on our Facebook wall:
  4. Create a guest list and possible Facebook event page.
    • When formulating a list of people to invite, make sure you include every person you know who would be interested in Turn21 – family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and so on. Keep in mind that only approximately one third of the people you invite will be able to participate, so depending on the event you’ll want to invite a lot of people.

Step 2
Don’t Forget to Send the Invite

  1. Two to four weeks before the event you will want to mail and/or email a simple invitation to everyone on your list. The best way to invite people is by simply asking them – explain to your friends why Turn21 is important to you then ask if they want to show support by coming to a “Turn21 Event” that you are hosting. If your event is more impromptu don’t worry, just make the invites.
    • Don’t forget to track RSVP’s so you know how many people are going to be there.
    • Make sure you post regularly on social media sites to remind folks about the upcoming festivities.

Step 3
The Key to a Successful Event

  1. There is one very important thing to keep in mind that will ensure your event is a success – follow-up every invitation with a personal phone call. It’s much harder for someone to say no to you than it is to toss out an invitation. Those that can’t attend the event should be encouraged to take a look at Turn21’s website and share it with some of their friends. Once you have a solid list of confirmed guests, send out a reminder email two days before the event.

Step 4
It’s Time to Party and Take Action

  1. It’s always important to provide at least some light snacks and a few refreshments for your guests/participants. The main goal is to make sure people show up, so don’t spend too much time or money on food and drinks unless is that type of shindig.
  2. Print out Turn21’s sign-in sheet; set up a sign-in table with pens and nametags. (Optional)
  3. Set out Turn21 material: “Evolution Revolution” and our “21 Facts about Climate Change.”
  4. Greet guests as they arrive.
  5. Don’t forget to take lots of photos and/or videos. You should post them to Turn21’s Facebook page as soon as possible. Preferably on the 21st. You can also put upload to YouTube and send us a link so we can post it!
  6. Most importantly…HAVE FUN, stay SAFE, and TAKE ACTION!!!

Step 5
Make Sure You Thank Your Guests

  1. Within a week of the event you should thank all your guests by phone, email or by writing a short note. You should also send a note to everyone who was unable to attend and make sure they know why you are so supportive of Turn21 and encourage them to throw a Turn21 next month!
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