Today is the 21st. Take some action every 21st to raise awareness about our human predicament and ways we can reverse the trends of human-systems collapse. Here are 21 ideas for actions/parties/events that you can organize to make a difference!
  1. Turn21 Coffee Event Day- It’s that first cup-o’-joe in the morning that really gets your engine going, isn’t it? Why not invite some friends over on the 21st and use that energy to jump-start a discussion about the transition we are going through as a species and a planet. Make it your monthly coffee-clatch!
  2. Turn21 Writing Event Day- Got friends who would rather put their thoughts on paper (or disk)? Gather 5 coworkers for lunch-hour write-ins, or 5 friends at home to write letters to friends, coworkers or community/industry leaders about Turn21. Gather every month on the 21st and choose an issue to bring awareness to and advocate for change.
  3. Turn21 Dinner Party Day- Are you the next Julia Childs or Jacques Pepin in the kitchen? Treat your friends to a dinner of locally sourced ingredients—including the wine!—and use it to inspire them to personal action. Provide Turn21 materials; get the conversation going.
  4. Turn21 Personal Call to Action Day- Happy 21st Birthday (no matter how old you are)! Turn any birthday, anniversary or celebration into a Turn21celebration and personal call to action. Pass out information, take photos, and talk about our need to wake up and Turn21. Tell attendees to bring no gifts—accept only their promise to take one action in the next month. Post the photos on Facebook!
  5. Turn21 Tabling with Information Day- Are you a farmers’ market regular? Or do you just like hanging out where diverse groups of people gather? Check out local events, farmers markets, universities, or stores where you can set up a simple table with handouts about Turn21 and actions people can take. Make the 21st your day of public outreach.
  6. Turn21 College Connections Day- Go back to school! Colleges are full of people with the energy and ideals that Turn21 needs. Spend the 21st passing out flyers in the quad. Better yet, contact the college’s sustainability, political, climate, environment, philosophy, agriculture, or other departments and offer to give a classroom presentation. Don’t forget the local high schools, too!
  7. Turn21 Book Club Day- Read all about it! Start a book club that meets on the 21st to discuss books on societal transformations, sustainability, or a just and healthy society. From “The Monkey Wrench Gang” to “A People’s History of the United States” there is much to read and host discourse on.
  8. Turn21 Email Blast Day- Are you more at ease connecting with people from the comfort of an easy chair? Great! Grab your laptop and tap out a few emails to people you know about what it means to make a real transition to a just and sustainable world. Share what we are doing, what local groups are doing, and why it is imperative to be awake for at least one day—the 21st—each month.
  9. Turn21 Protest Day- Talk can feel cheap…so get out and protest. Make it a protest of one, or go all out–become a kayaktivist and protest like those in Portland, Oregon who successfully stopped the Shell Oil drilling ship. There are plenty of nasties to call out as part of the dying paradigm…pick one and invite your friends.
  10. Turn21 Banking Shift Day- Is your money still being held captive by one of the Too-big-to-fail corporate banks that drove Americans into bankruptcy? On the 21st, plan to shift to a local Credit Union or bank. Keeping your money invested and working locally is good for the community while you’ll often get better rates, fees and, most certainly, better service.
  11. Turn21 Shop Local Shift Day- This is going to be a hard one for you bargain shoppers out there—especially those who like—or need—to shop at the big box stores: Challenge yourself on the 21st of each month to only buy items from locally sourced establishments…eggs, milk, you name it. Even if your budget constrains you, try to buy 1 additional item locally each month.
  12. Turn21 Voluntary Simplicity Shift Day- Just glance at the covers of the magazines at any check-out stand and what screams out is: “Downsize” or “Simply your life” It’s clear: We all have too much stuff! And we know it! So take a day each month to pare down what you possess. Donate it. Recycle it. Share more. Own less. Reduce impact. And vow to not buy unnecessary stuff.
  13. Turn21 Organizational Solidarity Day- So much of what we do is in alignment with other organizations’ efforts and many of us belong to multiple organizations working on similar issues. In this spirit, become a liaison between an organization and Turn21. Petition the leadership to commit to sending out a press release or an announcement to their members on the 21st of every month with a call to action or information on Turn21 or on a local issue.
  14. Turn21 Family Outreach Day- One of the oldest rules in the book is to not talk about politics, money, or religion at the holiday dinner table. Throw such caution to the wind and email all of your family about what you see as the calibrations for transformations. Send them links. Call them up. Then give yourself a twenty nine day break till the next 21st. Pitching family is hard work!
  15. Turn21 Garden Party Day- Are you happiest with dirt under your fingernails, eating food you grew yourself? Or does most of your food support the oil economy and industrial agriculture by being trucked in from distant places? Take a day to plant a garden for yourself, or help plan a community garden in your neighborhood! Offer to help organizations that have gardens to feed the needy.
  16. Turn21 Practical Craft Day- Could you weave a basket if your life depended on it? Could you catch—and clean–a fish? How much topsoil can you build in a year? Do you know the basics for how to blacksmith, ferment, build, propagate plants or knit a sweater, etc.?  Take one day a month to develop these practical crafts. Invite others to join with you. Craft Party!
  17. Turn21 Car Free Day- Don’t drive. Don’t get in a car. Spread the word. Need we say more?
  18. Turn21 Letter to the Editor Day- Isn’t it scary telling everyone the truth? No! So speak your mind in a public forum by submitting a letter to your local paper or a paper of your choice!
  19. Turn21 Social Media Outreach Day- Are you less a Social Butterfly… more of a Social Media Guy (or Gal)? Promote on social media! Share these pages from Turn21! Promote other like-minded groups! Take the day to organize online!
  20. Turn21 Buy Nothing Day- Don’t…Buy…Anything!
  21. Turn21 Host a Meeting Day- Not sure of your action for the 21st? Call a meeting, arrange an open forum and ask others to chime in! Find your sweet spot to!

Print this list of ideas and check off each one as you complete. Let us know as you progress.
Download the 21 Events Parties list

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