Simultaneously, the Northern Hemisphere experiences the longest night of the year on their Winter Solstice while the Southern Hemisphere experiences the longest day of the year on their Summer Solstice. And six months later, around June 21st every year, each experiences the opposite Solstice.

Both the dark and the light are healthy parts of the whole. The light is a time of growth and expansion. And the dark as a time of retaining only what is essential and needed.

As far as technology is concerned, we were all metaphorically in our Winter Solstice before the Industrial Revolution, living only with what is needed. Taking the metaphor farther, modern humans from industrialized nations are experiencing the Summer Solstice. But is there an end to growth in sight? Can we turn this dogmatic growth-imperative around?

Mathematically, we cannot all live as those from Industrialized nations do, at least not at the level of waste currently expressed. Not with 7.6 billion of us each using more than our share of resources.

So metaphorically speaking, which way should we all break? Towards the dark or towards the light?

The solution is a little bit of both. We need a new way where those with more than enough learn to live with less while those with less are provided enough to have more of the modern conveniences. With the modern development of communication, refrigeration, transportation, and medicine, clearly most humans desire benefit from these advancements.

If a peaceful and environmentally-sound solution exists it will require that we all live as if we were on the Equator, balanced~

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