There is an urgency in this moment in history to do two things, stop basing our economy on perpetual growth, and sink carbon faster than we spew it to bring stability back to the climate.

Every individual, entity, and country must work toward this goal as fast as possible. If we are to base something on perpetual growth right now let it be a consciousness to shift to a new paradigm of peace and prosperity for all, without slurping up every last resource.

Not all will go along. And some will oppose such work.

Leading the destructive force are the federal policies of the USA, much like a bull in the china shop of the world. From pulling out of the Paris climate accord, spending the most on waging ongoing war throughout much of the world, a prison population higher than all others, a brutal war on drugs that has brought violence around the world, to wasteful immigration policies resulting in pitches for obscene amounts of money to build a wall, the list goes on for examples of policies counterproductive to the world we must create.

But it is not just the USA that needs to change. Every country, entity, and individual has work to do, actions one can take to make a better world. Critical to the success, though, is getting countries to lead the charge for a better world. And this starts with first declaring the need for such a world, and then by eliminating waste of dollars and resources, redirecting them toward the urgent work before us all.

In this way, war, the drug war, private prisons, border disputes, permitted oil and natural gas explorations, chemical ag subsidies, government money spent suppressing personal freedoms, are all not only a distraction from the task at hand, but a missed opportunity to utilize our limited resources.

Imagine a redirection of our resources toward sinking carbon, educating everyone, rehabilitating addicts, feeding and housing the poor, bringing those with less more while those with more use less, shifting to a life of leisure as a form of resource conservation, caring for all elderly, healthcare for all, and a simplified transportation network that encourages bicycles and pedestrians before cars.

You see, it is all very connected. Individuals and entities shape government, just as government shapes individuals and entities, as well as other governments. And we only have so much resource to spend.

So keep working on the progressive issues that are dear to your heart. If you are part of the resistance to eliminate wasteful spending on draconian policies, good! If you are part of implementing solutions toward a new, regenerative way, good! Know that you are part of the great fabric of the world. And if you are not yet weaving your part, pick a place and get to it.

Start by taking action every 21st of every month raising awareness to the situation at hand.

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