At Turn 21, we consistently beat the drum for monthly action every 21st of every month. This is our ongoing call toward living as adults in the 21st Century in a meaningful way that acknowledges the quagmire we are in as a species and a planet.

As part of this drum beat, it becomes necessary to outline the problems we are trying to solve in order to advance the solutions we desire. Constant reminders of the compounding problems can feel draining, depressing, and discouraging. But don’t let the state of the world slow down your taking action. There is a logical way to clear out the negativity about our situation so we can continue working toward solutions.

Is there hope that we can turn this ship around? Can we come together as humanity and implement a new world-vision of regenerating the Earth’s natural systems together? Or will the expansion of the Industrial Revolution, carbon energy dependence, and a competitive growth imperative prove to be the nail in the coffin for natural systems?

The answer is, it doesn’t matter, as far as what we do next.

To qualify the above statement follow this logical progression.

  1. Regenerative natural systems are critical to the continuity of life.
  2. Regenerative natural systems are beautiful and inspiring.
  3. Most humans value the continuity of life and enjoy beauty.
  4. Therefore, supporting regeneration of natural systems and living within that sustainably is in our best interest as humans.
  5. Our natural systems may continue to fail to the point of collapse.
  6. Even such, in all likelihood some humans and other animals, and some plants will survive.
  7. Even in this dire situation, humans should still work to regenerate natural systems to the extent we are able as it is in our best interest.
  8. Therefore, humans must work hard to support regenerative systems regardless.

Take heart that our path is clear to support regenerative systems. Stop worrying about the outcome of our world situation to the point of inaction. Don’t give up just because you think collapse is imminent. Find peace in the fact that our best action is to support regenerative natural systems regardless how the world-situation breaks.

This 21st, continue spreading the word that we are all morally, and logically compelled to do what we can to support a healthy transition. Take heart. And if others are stuck, share logic to inspire heartful action.

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