Turn21 launched in the middle of 2014. Since then, we have consistently put out a call for folks to take action every 21st. We have seen that call answered in Kenya, Greece, mainland United States, as well as the Big Island of Hawaii. Thank you!

Where else will we find individuals to take action? Will you be the one to light the fire for the next inspired participant? Are you that galvanizing force?

After nearly four years on this project, we have decided it is time to push the pause button on sending out a regular newsletter and determine if Turn21 takes a life of its own. We have breathed life into the idea. Now it is up to you.

The concept is simple. Take a moment to spread the word that a day of action each month on the 21st is the least we can do to shift our culture to a more regenerative way. Then, take your action, be it individually or as part of a group effort, and let our combined voice be heard.

There is a growing consciousness that such a shift is necessary. Will the shift be soon enough? Time will tell.

Thank you doing your part in the global effort to Turn21. May you stay inspired, feel your strength, and let your voice be heard~

It’s time to Turn21! 

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