Timoci Naulusala at the High-Level Opening of COP23

Timoci Naulusala, 12-year-old class seven student from Tailevu province in Fiji, won the Fiji National Climate Change Speech Competition. He performed his speech for world leaders at the High-Level Opening of COP23. Video via UNFCCC.

Can We All Be In the Choir?

What does it mean to take action every 21st?

You likely already work to align things like where you spend your money with companies that support the environment, their staff, and give back to community groups that support progressive issues. You also likely donate your time and money as you are able to different progressive causes. And considering that we are in the sixth major extinction hyper-accelerated by Climate Change, you are probably outraged over the absolute lack of both vision and leadership from the Executive Branch of the United States and share your disgust freely with those who listen.

Considering you are likely an activist, what possibly can you do on the 21st that you are not already doing?

The answer is simple. Find people who are also activists, keeping an eye towards those who are just starting to pay attention to this major transition we are all going through, and when you make a personal connection urge them to also spend every 21st raising awareness about our current state of affairs!

Let the idea spread like fire, like ripples of water impacting the next ring, like a breath of fresh air and grounded in reason, passion, spirit, and also sensitivity to the fact that for each person, their transition to awareness is a personal choice to wake up and stay awake. You cannot force another to believe something against their will, but you can spend one day a month spreading the message that the time for action is now. If others agree they might take take heart and take action!

Do you remember your transition? Do you remember your awakening? At first, it seems as if no one else is thinking about the crisis we are in. Or maybe you are just now starting to see the world in this way? Regardless, know that there is a growing consciousness that acknowledges both the quagmire we find ourselves in and as well recognizes that there are solutions we can and must employ post haste.

So this 21st, let your voice ring out. Sing to those in the choir and just beginning to find their voice. Invite them to join in the chorus.


Whether man-made or natural, crisis does strike. It is prudent to prepare your disaster response plan . But how we do so should be fun, as well serve as a regenerative and sustainable model. This is the ultimate preparation for those who inherit what we create.

Are you able to leave in a moments notice? Are you prepared to hunker down without modern conveniences? Most disasters ultimately become resource shortages of shelter, energy, food, water, medicine, and personal care products.

Hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and off the coast of Ireland are firm reminders to be prepared. Major fires in Portugal, Spain, and California ring the same. A looming energy crisis even more so.

Start this 21st by talking to your inner circle about your plan! Generate some surplus, share the resource wealth and knowledge, and throw a Progressive-Prepper-Party (PPP) to spread the word.

In this spirit, let’s examine 21 Ways to be a Happy-Regenerative-Prepper

  1. Plant a fruit tree every year so you can have backup for when the store shelves go dry.
  2. Grow fruits and veggies, your own source of minerals and vitamins.
  3. Grow garlic if your climate allows it. While delicious, garlic is also an antiseptic.
  4. Turn part of your food garden into a seed garden. Acclimate and share your favorite strains.
  5. Compost, create worm castings and natural plant-food teas to maximize mineral content and health of your soil, critical for keeping all of our immune systems flourishing.
  6. Raise chickens, rabbits, goats and more to fertilize gardens, maintain natural fire-suppression efforts, and have farm friends.
  7. Raise bees for pollination, honey and honeycomb. Honey is also an antiseptic, and the honeycomb makes great candles.
  8. Grow and utilize your own medicines making sure nature’s choices are a few steps away.
  9. Buy large bags of organic bulk foods and shop from yourself pulling from your multi-month supply of dried goods, reducing package waste.
  10. Install rainwater catchment systems ensuring you have water and enough to share.
  11. Store potable water in reusable containers letting go of single use plastic, its own crisis.
  12. Invest in a pedal-powered bicycle adapter for your blender, radio, and other minor electronic needs. Bye bye gym membership.
  13. Take regular walks in your neighborhood to understand where other resources are, to map emergency routes in case of evacuation needs, and to know your neighbors.
  14. Procure and use your hand-crank radio to stay connected to the world and disconnected from the grid at the same time.
  15. Take periodic multi-day staycation trainings where you power down non-essential appliances and lights and ‘rough’ it…think extended book reading in a hammock.
  16. Invest in micro solar and wind powered devices for radios, charging that HAM radio, and LED lights.
  17. Install a solar shower allowing the luxury of hot showers even if utilities are off.
  18. Write to the local paper about how living the solution = minimized problems when crises occur. Start a club. Promote your efforts on social media.
  19. $upport local public radio, a staple in most any local emergency.
  20. Have a go-bag ready for instant evacuations with enough essentials that your immediate needs are taken care of.
  21. Host a neighborhood meeting/party to map out local skills, assets/liabilities, fruit trees, medicine, and tool resources.

Can you think of other actions to take for sustainable resiliency and preparedness? Share it on your Facebook page and tag us! @turn21.org

Less is More

Image thanks to Pexels @ Pixabay

Constant change will result in all things melting back into the creative elements from which they were born. Life is precious. Regardless if you have faith that there is more after death, or you think this one life is it, our beautiful existence is a creative opportunity to express our passions. So do your best.

It is hard to do your best these days if you are paying attention. Things often feel like they are turning for the worse. Our growth based economy is destined for failure. The climate crisis, Fukushima, the Sixth Major Extinction, incessant war-spending, exponential human-population growth, transnational corporate control of global resources, commodification of water, the widening gap of rich and poor…..the….the…the…

WTF are we to do?

Breathe through it folks. Remember that we are all on the same team. We are team clean air and water (even if we don’t all know it yet).

Live by example. Take heart in the amazing work being done to sink carbon, return to local agriculture, preserve habitat, create zero-waste industries, and to shift to green-energy. Start local businesses that create sustainable work for people supplying tangible, needed resources. Offer surplus resource to those in need. Give back to the greater good through your life’s work. Support regenerative efforts to sink carbon, build topsoil, infiltrate water, and expand forests.

As we create our way through the quagmire of modern problems take solace in this: The more you spend time in nature, spend less money, take more time-off, breathe deeply, enjoy just being, growing as an individual, and reject needless resource accumulation, know that you are demonstrating the solutionary presence that is a critical part of establishing the new norm for humanity.

We must not grow to acquire things, but instead grow to acquire knowledge, demonstrate wisdom, experience serenity, refine talents and embody reverence.

Breathe air. Drink water. Eat wholesome local food. Enjoy each other’s company. But let the rat race for superfluous stuff shrivel on the vine. Walk on the beach, in the forest, and along the riverside. Take time off. Enjoy your stint of being on this beautiful planet doing your part to demonstrate the blending of a modern covenant with nature in this most interesting and transitional times.

And for goodness sake, take action this 21st towards bringing this consciousness to as many others as you can! Turn21 ~


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