Be Healthy, Happy and Thriving

What if most human beings on the planet felt well and were thriving daily?

What would the planet be like? What are some of the essential ingredients we all need to thrive and feel well? These are some of the questions we at Turn 21 have been pondering as a practice of being the change we wish to see. We are experiencing a pivotal time for great change here on earth. We have heard some wise ones say, “Be the change you wish to see.” With this inspiring idea as a practice we believe it is important that we prioritize our physical and emotional health and well being. If we want to see a healthier eco-systems in the macrocosm, it is important that more human beings are thriving in their personal and daily practices.

What if the majority of human beings were healthy, happy and thriving, how would this be reflected in the outer environment?

What actions are needed to help raise the awareness that self care and health are a way to help heal the planet. If we start now to correct our past poor behavior, we believe that “the more the merrier” can help steward a planet wide clean-up and heal-up that will go “viral.” This animated video aptly demonstrates the type of relationship we need to have to help protect, repair and harmonize many eco systems on this beautiful planet we all call home.