The Effort of Feeling Good

What you would add to an essential list for feeling good?

For many of us, it takes effort and practice to feel well on a regular basis.  A wise Chinese proverb speaks to the care of the body, especially after 40, to be an art form.  According to the World Health Organization, health is not the absence of disease.  We may feel well and still have health challenges and/or diseases. Here at Turn21, we started making a short list of some of the essential ingredients for feeling good on a regular basis.  They included: love, sleep, quality food, shelter, access to clean water, health care, fresh air, healthy soil, bees, getting to be outside and move our body in nature, sensuality, laughter, vital belief systems, a sense of community, and safe nutritious food.

What does it require to regularly feel well for most human beings?

Today, many of these basic ingredients like sleep, proper nutrition, shelter, and clean water appear to often be undervalued and endangered. Popular and well embraced messaging appears to be “Don’t sleep human, drink some more coffee and smoke some unregulated nicotine vapor pens.” Stay stimulated and productive. The media message often appears that healthy and happy livelihoods are not needed for the masses, but only for an elite few. In some communities, over-stimulation and excess have driven us to behave like children drunk on sugar and media.  Shouldn’t we want to evolve from this state?

Here’s a video from Arianna Huffington on being well rested.